Until There Are None - Save One

The planning stages of the rescue facility are underway. It’s certainly not going to be an overnight process, but to have the planning and to have spoken with a consultant in non-profits at least we are on the road! Like I said before, Marshall was the first step.
Needless to say with the article this past week about the massive problem of homeless and stray animals in St. Louis, Missouri, you have to ponder the fact that most of the nations puppy mills are concentrated within that state. The recent legislation to outlaw puppy mills as they are now operated may play a large part in the massive problem they seem to have.
I am now on the mailing list for countless rescue organizations. The stories I read about break my heart. The alerts I get about animals being put to death, including America’s mustang, make me want to go out and rescue them all. Alas, where I live that’s an impossibility. There will come a day when I can rescue more than one. But until there are no homeless animals, until there are no longer puppy mills, until there are no longer animals being euthanized for no other reason than some heartless human abandoned them because they were sick, old or cost money to feed:  until there are none – save one.

To help Marshall and those like him please buy his calendar.  The money to print these calendars was given by The Sharkey Fund.  100% of your donation under $10 will be sent to help the animals still in need of rescue: http://sharkeypup.com/content/aboutcal/

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When we decided to g...
Comment from: Bizz (Guest)
When we decided to get a dog after many dog-less years, I chose to rescue one who would have been taken to a high kill shelter.  She is the love of our grandson's life now!  Spoiled, pampered and loved by all.  So glad I decided to save this little mutt! 
Awesome article - wi...
Comment from: Sugar (Guest)
Awesome article - wish everybody that loved animals would rescue one.  That would make the biggest difference.
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