Ten Days At The Rescue – Day 1


Friday: May 6, 2011
I arrived yesterday evening to warm weather. At 6:00 pm it was nearly 100 degrees. I was relieved to have made it after such a long drive and the dogs were happy to get out and stretch their legs. 
Early this morning began with soft air and a warm breeze. I turned Sharkey, Marshall and Charm into the large pen beside the guesthouse as the sun came up. The rest of the rescue was still and I enjoyed a few moments of quiet before the proverbial storm. You can’t have a barn full of Jack Russell’s without noise. I held my cup of tea and stood under the blooming Jacaranda tree, a few of the purple flowers fell about me contrasting with the green of the lawn. I took a deep breath and was glad to be here.
Half an hour later Sandy and I were in the barn and reviewing the process of feeding the dogs. I continue to be amazed at the genuine love she has for all of these little Jacks. Each gets a special treat in their bowls morning and evening. All get as much love and attention as she’s able to give while caring for so many. Her astute observation skills continue to impress. She’s well suited for this job.
Later on in the morning we stood in front of the kennels and discussed each dog – their quirks, special needs, behavior issues and adoptability. Harley needs a home; he’s having trouble keeping weight under the stress of being kenneled. Mia may go home on a trial basis with a family today – what a blessing that would be as she’s such a sweet little dog. Peanut did well with her surgery but has to have physical therapy twice a day – we went over her exercises. Such a cautious little treasure she is.   Little Buddy couldn’t quit jumping up and down in his frenzy for attention. Only half Jack he just needs someone to snuggle with all the time. Indy is a beauty of a female Jack, with a soft eye and a lovely face; she has trust issues, but in the same situation I probably would also. And finally there’s Maggie, rescued from the same puppy mill as my Marshall, she was returned by her foster because she was left unattended with four other dogs and a fight ensued. Even though we haven’t a clue how or why or by whom the fight began - Maggie was fingered as the culprit and returned. She is a tremendously loving little dog without the fear issues poor Marshall has.
The next ten days, along with learning the ins and outs of writing grants, will be filled with loving, caring and tending to each and every one of these little bundles, in addition to my own three and Sandy and Gary’s three as well. A dozen Jacks. It will be difficult to fill Sandy's shoes while she's gone. It will be interesting to see if I’m made of the right stuff!

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Are there any update...
Comment from: irene (Guest)
Are there any updates on the Kayenta dogs after # 19?
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